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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I couldn't resist the temptation to share this. This morning a frantic mother bolted into Java and said, "My daughter is in labor and needs a white mocha!" I looked and here and asked, "Do you need decaf" She said,"No, regular. And make it two!"

I'm not the father of the child but I am beaming with pride because the first smell that child may encounter will be the smell of Green Frog coffee in the delivery room. I always talk about how we want to be a part of people's lives but I never thought we would get this intimate. I couldn't help but smile and wish her well on the birth of her grand daughter.

An hour later I went to Ja Ja's and found Flora plopped down dead center of our walkway into the store. Flora is a long haired white dog that redefines friendly. Now this is something you don't see at Starbucks. I spent some time giving her attention and went around back and tested our new tire swing. I was tempted to jump out in midair like I did when I was about six but realized one small misjudgment would put be in the hospital and I'm not so sure anyone would bring me a white mocha.

Some of you may have heard that Tennessee Crossroads is coming to Ja Ja's to film a story next Thursday, Oct 8th. I hope they capture the Flora and tire swing atmosphere. And I hope you make time to discover this hidden treasure on HWY 412 for yourself. We're now open at 7am and close at 5pm.


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