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Monday, May 25, 2009


    Just spent the day with my nephew, Andrew, making our famous homemade ice cream.  Andrew now knows there is labor involved.  First, we ran over to the farmer's market and picked up our cream from the Rock Spring's Mennonites- 9 heavy 5 gallons buckets of heaven's dew.  I then proceeded to explain to him the thing that looks like a small engine on a tractor was about to turn our cream into dreams.  We started off with ten easy gallons of vanilla with vanilla bean specks added to give it a kick.  Next up was something random- creamy lemon.  At first I doubted the lemon extract was working so I proceeded to put some on my tongue.  Let's just say, "stupid."

     We then switched to ten gallons of the much in demand Birthday Cake and added a few sprinkles.  I took a couple of minutes to give customers in the shop fresh samples and, as always, hooked a few more consumers. 

     Now it was time for ten gallons of butter pecan, by far the world's best butter pecan ice cream.  One taste of this and you'll be saying, "Maggie Who?" not Maggie Moo.  The pecans where grown and picked on the premises of Green Frog Village, where Ja Ja's is located. 
     We then turned out 10 gallons of peach, 10 gallons of strawberry, and 10 gallons of blackberry- peach, pink, and purple.   Nothing compares to these delicious fruit flavors.  Yum, yum!

     If you've been counting that is 70 gallons of creamy, dreamy, home made ice cream.  It took us about 5 hours to churn and turn and about 1 hour to slick up Shamu (this is what I call our ice cream freezer because a killer whale swallowed Jonah and spit him back up a better person and our machine basically does the same thing).   But guess what?  We make it every week!   And this week we are going to be making S'More and Dirty Snowman Ice Cream!  Watch out Ben & Jerry!  It's Hammertime!  

     So if you get a chance, stop in any of our stores and get a sample of our featured flavors of the week...and then buy a quart to take home and a scoop to eat before you get there.  And don't forget that neighbor or friend who is having a difficult time.  Brighten their day with a gift of homemade ice cream.  The little things make a big difference!