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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    Perhaps you've heard that we had a brick thrown through our front door over the weekend during the night.   We are happy to report that, although true, the bandit only took a coin collection jar.   Besides repairing the glass, our business was unaffected.

    My first reaction to Adam's call (3am) was a mixture of surprise and anger but in reflection I feel a bit of compassion for a person who is so desperate they have to resort to getting coins through robbery.   I joked about installing bullet proof glass to prepare for the next time, hoping to cause the brick to bounce back and strike them in the head.   Yet I am haunted by the fact that someone's life can become so distraught, so meaningless, that they would steal coins.   A book I am reading says that we should "pray for those who persecute us."  It is a pretty good book for wisdom.

     In a bit of transparency, I too have at times committed random silly acts of desperation.  I have looked for identity, love, and meaning in the wrong places.   None of us are any more valuable than the brick bandit, none of us are any more or less loved than the brick bandit.  Some of us, who are blessed, are just a little more aware of this love, and thus we have put down our bricks.  Yet I am surprised how easily I am engulfed by pride when a "bum" takes my pennies.    In a lot of ways it could have been worse, but I am beginning to wonder- could the lesson be any better?   

      We are all guilty.  We are all forgiven.  Some of us are aware of it.  Some of us are changed by it. Pray for those who throw bricks and for those whose windows are broken.   We are at war, and often it is with ourselves.